Eric Jeker

Deploying with Now

October 13, 2019

Aside from being a forum for expression, this blog is also a place of experimentation. My job as a software engineer force me to research technologies pretty much all the time and so I will also do these research here.


I created this blog using Gatsby and a simple Markdown to HTML plugin. Gatsby comes with GraphQL and I needed some more experience with that technology. Regrouping many new technologies in a single project is always a good thing as you can learn more efficiently.

For a simple deployment and hosting, I use ZEIT Now and as it is linked with my Gitlab repository I can simply push to the master branch and the changes are online a few minutes later. All that was set up in like 10 minutes.

Before I tried AWS Amplify, but I think that for a small blog, or static website, with no need for a database or API, it’s overkill. And also because creating a simple resource take like 15 minutes.


In the, hopefully, not so distant future, I will add a few more functionalities around here:

  • Social links
  • Search
  • Comments
  • and maybe feeds and newsletters…

And certainly continuously improve the UI/UX and design, because well, I am still using 80% of the default blog theme of Gatsby.

Eric Jeker

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